Ultimate Guide to Buying an Airwave Gazebo

Gazebo has been the sign of elegance from years. In earlier times, Gazebos were made using bricks or wood, but today, Airwave Gazebo is in trend. An Airwave Pop Up Gazebo is easy to set up. The important thing is; you don’t have to think about space, you can do its setup anywhere in your lawn or gallery.

Gazebos define shelter, space and they are appropriate for both casuals and formals. Airwave Gazebo is same as tents, but the difference is that it is easier to set up, open and more spacious. Windows will be there for air crossing, and its house-like shape will make you feel you are sitting in a house.

Buying an airwave gazebo

1. Shape and size

Airwave Gazebo comes in different shaasdsadsadasdpe and sizes in the market. You can have 3 x 3m, 3 x 4m, 6 x 3m, etc. Airwave Gazebo. It totally depends on your requirement and space available with you. If you buy 6 x 3m Gazebo and don’t have sufficient space, then there will be the no use of spending so much money.

It comes in different shapes as well. You can have Airwave Gazebo in oval, square and rectangular shaped Airwave Gazebo. Buyers should ask about its shape more if there is any tree or roof near to the place where you are planning to setup your Gazebo.

2. Gazebo’s Flooring

This is very important decision while setting up Gazebo. The surface should be plain and dry where you are planning to setup Gazebo. If the surface is uneven or wet, it will be difficult for people to walk on sit inside it. Secondly, it should be placed at a place with full privacy, distance from the house. Gazebos come with or without a floor. It depends on the buyer for the type of Gazebo. You can set up your Gazebo either on wooden or marble floor or grass. But the surface needs to be plain.

3. Material Useqweqweqweqewd

This is one of a most important factor to consider. It may happen you are having a party in Gazebo, and it starts raining. What if the Gazebo is not water proof? It will ruin your party. So, the buyer should take care of the quality of Gazebo while buying it. It can be polyester, canvas, polycarbonate, etc. Buyer’s choice of material depends on his location and weather.

4. Color options

Buyer can select Gazebo of his color choice. It comes in red, gray, blue, black, green, etc. It means whether it’s an official meeting or kitty party or any other function, the buyer can choose a Gazebo color according to the party theme.