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Tips On How To Make Cannabis Into E-Juice

If you are the kind who enjoys vaping cannabis, then you must be conversant with the procedure of converting the weed or weed shutter into E-juice. Well, for those who are still wondering how to make cannabis into e-juice, the below tips will give you a guideline of how to make one and enjoy the vaping mode. In any case, it a high time you move to vaping from whichever other weed taking method you were used to.

How to make cannabis into E-juice

Have a vape

fdgdfgdfgdfgdfgWithout a vape, you will still have to stick to dabbing or smoking which is not so convenient. The first step to these great experiences is to buy a good vape to use with the E-juice you intend to move to. A good vape may cost more money, but the results will never be regrettable. They have a strong battery to keep it burning as often as your marijuana taking is scheduled. The tank holds the juice you make or buy. The efficiency of the coils ensures consistent burning of the juice to give required clouds.

Buy wax liquidizer

Most of the marijuana concentrates are bound together by wax which is easy to burn in the dabbing chambers. So while converting this into liquid, then there needs to be a wax liquidizer. Reputable companies offer genuine liquidizer without harmful chemicals or ingredients which can alter the contents of the marijuana concentrate.

Follow the instructions

A keen following of instructions result in a success of any project. Be keen with your little project of converting the marijuana concentrate into the E-liquid. While the procedure is similar across the board, manufacturers may devise ways with a difference in how they do things. All come with a simple manual to follow. Another key point is to take heed of the measurement ratio of both products before you mix.

Add flavored Liquidizer to Enhance

dfgdgdfgfdgdfgToday, the wax liquidizers comeĀ in different flavors to fit different people’s needs. Some people like the feeling of menthol as they brief and even to camouflage the scent of marijuana. The fruity flavors like the strawberry and vanilla are good for ladies, and yet still, others, especially men prefer it natural. Read the labels well to determine which flavor the wax liquidizer comes in.


Cannabis experience can greatly be enhanced by considering the about tips. Vaping and such information relating to E-juice can be found online for more guidance.