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Types Of Packaging Supplies And Accessories

Whether it is packing products and goods as a manufacturer or moving house or office as an individual or company one requires packaging supplies. From the manufacturer who has to pack his goods in bottles, cans or boxes and transport them to their destination. Types Of Packaging Supplies And AccessoriesTo the company that needs to export and ship its products. Or the individual who has to move house to a different location all require various packaging supplies and accessories. Likewise, Packline Solutions can offer valuable insights . What are the supplies and accessories are available to be used?

Packaging Supplies and Accessories

Machinery and Equipment

There are various types of machinery and equipment available to assjdxjdjdjdjdjdjdjdist with the packaging function. These machines vary from heavy duty to light duty equipment. They cater for either bulk work or medium work. They include strapping machines, sealing machines, wrapping machines and conveyor machines to mention but a few.

Strapping Products

These products are designed to secure boxes and packages to ensure they are firm. They include;
• Polyester Strap – Is designed to support heavy duty purposes
• Polypropylene Strap – Are made to satisfy light to medium duty purposes, such as small bundles, case goods, and newspapers/magazines
Both polyester and polypropylene strap are cost effective, safe and recyclable
• Steel Strap – Are engineered to deliver secure higher yield and break strength.
• Strapping tools – this are the tools required to ensure secure packing.

Sealing Products

The sealing products available include the heavy duty sealing machines and the light duty. These are also carton sealing machines, tape dispensers and gum tape dispensers. Likewise, there are also heat sealing equipment from heat sealers, gas shrink guns, band sealers and hood shrink film machine which are used to apply heat to shrink a plastic film around a product.

Wrapping Products

Wrapping products include film products materials and machinery. The machines are both hand stretch and high-performance films. Top sheeting, bags, and poly sheeting are also some products available to suit any wrapping needs.

Protection Products

There is a wide range of protective products from bubble wraps to corrugated
cardboards, foakjskjsdjdsjdsdjdjddjm, and edge protective products. All this function to protect products from damage. Bubble wraps, form and corrugated cardboards are wrapped around individual products. A range of edge products available to satisfy any purpose and application. They are available in both custom and standard lengths and sizes depending on the purpose and use. The main function of edge protectors is to protect products from damage due to transportation, strapping conditions. Likewise, it is used for stacking wrapped and packed products that can be damaged due to weight.